Logo & Branding

Having your own custom logo is essential to having a brand.  Logo & branding go hand in hand, but lets not get them confused for they are not one in the same.  Your logo is going to be the image that people will see and know (hopefully) that it’s your company.  When someone see’s your logo, they should know right away the type of business that you own, and if that’s not the message that’s being delivered, then it better be one of curiosity that creates viewers and prospective buyers from wanting to see what exactly your company is about.

I create powerful lasting logos.  I tie in the type of business that you have and put all of that feeling, emotion and context into your logo.  Then I focus on your brand, your brand is essentially everything summed up into one.  The logo, the design, the words on the page, the pages themselves, the products or services that your offering.  Then I morph everything together, spin it, mold it and create an everlasting impression.  The moment that someone visits your site, they aren’t going to forget it.  The logo, the design, the verbiage is going to pop, stick, resonate.

Just think of one of the greatest commercials of all time… “The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup”.  The reason that this commercial is/was so great is because it was EFFECTIVE.  Effective in the sense that you cannot forget it.  The tune is stuck in your head.  The reason for it is because it is a powerful brand that was culminated with the company name, the product and a sweet melody.  That’s what I’m going to do for you if you hire me.  Just think of folgers in your cup.