Being a web-designer or a webmaster means much more than being able to design unique layouts with great graphics.  The most important part of being a webmaster is being able to dominate in every facet of your creation. Whether it be from the visual aspects that you and your visitors see, to the backend that your not really going to see that often.  One of my best traits is being an innovator.  Having the ability to incorporate new ideas and approaches into your field.

A prime example of one of my most innovate ideas (2016) was when I created the website  This is a standard fitness gym, multi levels, with tanning beds and all of the workout equipment you might expect to see at any other gym.  What could I do to set this company above the rest I thought to myself?  That’s when I realized it…  After analyzing a standard gyms “buyer personas” I discovered that there would be many individuals who would be impulsively searching for gyms in their area.  Then I did a simple calculation that out of say 100 individuals who would visit the site, how many would actually turn up at the gym?  I came up with various numbers, based on many different factors.  Such as weight, age and ethnicity.

My evaluation lead me to the primal fact that many individuals who visited the gym website were those who had just watched a TV advertisement or who had just struck the fancy of inquiring into a gym.  Most were out of shape and had low self esteem, most never even showed up to the gym.  This is where the impulsive nature comes in and this is where I knew my client could achieve instant cash flow.  That’s when I came up with the idea to create online memberships where individuals could purchase their monthly or yearly access to the gym right then and there.  And wouldn’t you know it, Elevated Fitness Center immediately started seeing paid signups through their website.

This is an example of innovation, and it’s only one example of many things that I have achieved with my own sites and the sites that I create for others.  I always analyze the market that you’re in and try to take your company to the next step.  How can I make you stand out?  What can I do to make your profits increase?  You’re not just buying a design from me, you’re buying a game plan.  And that game plan is to be the best in your field.  Bigger, better, faster, stronger, whatever it may be, that’s my goal.