Building eCommerce sites can be painful.  It’s also hard to drive traffic to some of them depending on the types of products that your selling.  I’ve created several eCommerce sites, some selling Security Products, others selling various forms of electronics, vintage materials and so on.

One thing that has stuck out to me the most about eCommerce is that it’s not easy.  It’s not easy because everyone is selling things, your going up against Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Live Auctioneers online, and then you have to compete with offline retailers like Walmart, BestBuy, Kohls and so on.

I’ve always tried to implement the best practices when creating all of my sites and this also applies here with eCommerce.  Having live support features available, multi-option changer, easy one click checkouts, non-registering sites, makes it easier for your customers to shop and more likely that they will shop again.  Also having features such as price matching and price checking so that your clients (up to you) can see that your items are beating or matching the competition.