Earn $100 When You Refer Someone to RJH Designs

Interested in earning a little extra cash?  If so, then this could be a great opportunity for you!  Every single new client that you refer to RJHDesigns.net that purchases a new website design will receive a $100 referral bonus (new website designs typically run $500-$800).

Who & How To Refer?

If you have any friends or family members that own businesses or have websites that you think need to be created or upgraded, send them to RJH Designs!

Step 1:  When they contact me be sure to have them let me know that it was YOU who referred them to RJH – you want to be sure to have them mention your name and phone number.  I always ask my clients how they heard about me, so don’t worry, even if it slips their mind they will still be asked to name a referrer, if there is one.

Step 2:  Be sure to inform me that you will be avidly attempting to obtain referrers.  You can contact me via email at rjh@rjhdesigns.net or text/call my personal cellphone number at (440) 665-9105.  This is important, because I can keep you informed directly as to pricing packages and any specials that I’m offering – as well as tips that can help you refer more clients.

Step 3:  Pitches are important when referring a new client outside of family or friends.  So this means if you are posting on your Facebook page or any other medium to the masses – you will need to do so appropriately.  An example can be found below of a way to attract attention.

———  Anyone who needs a new website or a website re-design needs to contact www.rjhdesigns.net.  Not only does RJH create some of the most professional designs, logos & videos, but he can (in most cases) get your company ranked on the top 1 or 2 pages of Google.  This will increase your revenue stream and usher in new clients.  The guy isn’t just a designer but does amazing SEO work.  For what multiple companies would charge THOUSANDS to do, RJH does for far less and much better results.  

$100 referrer bonus can be paid in the form of PayPal, Gift Card or Cash.  

There is also $50 referrer bonuses that are paid for lesser amounts, those bonuses are only attributed to new clients with work costing at least $350.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the referrer program, please feel free to contact me at anytime.