Cleveland Webdesigns, Marketing, Maintenance & SEO ($600 Special)

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If you’re looking for a new webdesign then you’ve definitely come to the right place. specializes in creating unique and industry leading websites for all of Northeast Ohio.  Clients that have used RJH in the past have seen amazing results both on and offline.  Online results typically come in the form of leads and higher traffic levels which are then turned into profits for your company.  Having the best website in your field truly sets the tone for your competition.   With a prime-time website you can realistically create a business today that gives the feeling and impression that you’ve been around for decades, one that gives confidence to your consumer and displays a reputable brand that they can trust.

Beyond websites, RJH will advise, consult, maintain, market and perform SEO work for all clients for a 30 day period (free of charge for a 30 day period).  Advisory and consultation comes in the form of helping you setup various accounts, registering your business and even giving you ideas that could be utilized for your business.  Marketing, SEO and maintenance also come into effect with cross-promotion of your business through past RJH clients, search engine optimization (site maps, H1-H6 tags, alt/img/keywords, relevancy, keyword enriched pages, backlinks, etc).   After your design is completed if there are changes or additions you would like to see, those are done complimentary for a 30 days period at absolutely no additional cost to you.

AnyLegacy:  RJH has created websites for clients that have received upwards of 50,000 unique visitors per day. (featured image) was a website that generated more than 10,000 uniques/day and was a truly unique trend setting idea.  One where individuals who had foresight could document their life, leave behind special messages and gifts for their loved ones before they departed.  The website shut down in 2017 due to personal issues that arose regarding the owner.  

Remember, RJHDesigns is not powered by a production team but rather a single individual.  As a result your project comes at a fraction of the cost with even better results.

During the month of August 2018, RJH is running a special promotion of $600 per standard website design that isn’t out of scope (please inquire for more information).   If you’re interested in getting your business started today or looking to improve upon an already existing company that you own then this is the opportunity for you!