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My History

When I land a new job it's exciting.  The first thing that comes into my mind isn't so much the design phase, but what can I do to help make your business grow and see additional profits.  My designing capabilities tie directly into this, but I'm interested in much more the moment that I've been hired by you.  I want to know who you are, who your competitors are and I want to see how we can best them or give off the impression of beating them in all facets.

I love including modifications on my websites.  Modifications are state of the art developments that allow user interaction, tracking, insight and more into your business through the website I'm building for you.  Sometimes more is better, sometimes less is better.  All depends on the type of site I am creating.

I'm a hard worker, that's saying the least.  I'm extremely OCD over each and every site that I create.  I find myself working on sites here and there tweaking things well after they have been delivered.  Not saying that the job wasn't done, just saying that I've found ways to make it better.

I'm always here to help you.  Once your site is done, I'm only a phone call away and will assist you with whatever issue you may have provided that it isn't extensive.  If you are in need of something new added or if you've managed to destroy your site, then it's going to come at an additional cost.  I offer comprehensive maintenance packages that include lifetime hosting plans to all of my customers.

I started webdesigning when I was very young, around the age of 8.  I've created some of the worlds largest Warez, Torrent & Streaming websites.  I once owned and operated a website that was ranked #768 in the world in traffic.  To put it into perspective that site was larger than TNT.com, TBS.com & USANetwork.com combined.

I'm good at what I do, I'm honest, loyal and apply myself into every single job just like it was my first.  I've not reached the rubicon in my abilities, they continue to grow with each passing month.  The technology grows rapidly and I flow along with it.

Rest assured that if you decide to hire me to do your website.  That it will be a smart investment.  Because that's what your website is, an investment.  The amount that you will wind up paying me to build your website might seem out of your budget in the beginning (especially if your just starting), but in the end, it will be one of the smartest things you have done.  Why?  Because like I've said all along, I'm going to help you destroy your competition, and that only means one thing ladies & gentlemen.  MONEY & lots of it.

My Philosophy

I expertly evaluate your competitors online presence and then ensure that your website isn't only better, but faster loading, more professional, better ranked on google (SEO) and that it will create the much needed iconic first impression on your visitors.

How Long?

How Long?

I build with speed and efficiency. The average website completion time is within 7-14 business days. This however can change based upon the complexity of your website (such as eCommerce).

Images & Logos

Images & Logos

I create custom graphics from top to bottom for your website. This includes any logo creations, banners or other artwork that is required/needed on your website.

Applications & More

Applications & More

If you wish to have a iPhone or Android application available for your website it can be achieved. Other interesting addons such as live support, 800 numbers and so on are also available.

My Guarantee

My Guarantee

I do not expect a single penny up front. Only upon 100% completion will you be expected to pay for your website. Once you are totally satisfied that your site is to your liking, then you can pay me.

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